Rideshare Programs Prevent DUIs Nationwide

Rideshare Programs Prevent DUIs Nationwide

Technology is changing our everyday lives. Now, thanks to new rideshare apps like Uber, it is even keeping us safer on the road. New studies suggest these programs are not only convenient—they are preventing DUIs.

Rideshare companies, like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar are gaining nationwide popularity because of their convenience and low cost. The services are available via Smartphone and are very user-friendly. They are easily downloaded, and payment is pre-arranged through credit card so you don’t have to hassle with having cash on-hand. Service drivers use their own cars, which helps drop the cost up to 40% lower than their taxi counterparts. This means, an intoxicated driver doesn’t have to work as hard or pay as much to find a ride home.

Cities like Philadelphia and Seattle have already seen huge safety benefits with the introduction of these apps. Pittsburgh computer scientist Nate Good released a report that showed a drop of 11% in DUIs from April to December 2013. While some wonder if the drop was coincidental, Seattle showed a similar 10% DUI reduction after Uber was released. More and more people are opting for these services instead of driving home from the bar. Uber spokesperson Taylor Bennett says the DUI drop was an unintended but welcome change. 

As rideshare programs spread across the nation, we can only assume DUI rates will continue to drop. Taxi services will have a hard time competing with these safe, affordable, and tech-savvy ride alternatives. But we can thank these apps and our smartphone for helping us all get home safer.

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